Monday, August 12, 2013

Notes from NoSQL meetup in ATLSWC

Some notes from "Overview of NoSQL Database systems" hosted by Thoughtworks, Atlanta.

Presenter: Noah Kriegel

Starters: Awesome pizza and drinks.

Presentation gist:

  • Beautiful prezi layout (check below image - Courtesy: James Brechtel).

  • Most of the content is inspired from NoSQL Distilled book, but Noah did a good job in extracting the necessary stuff and supplementing it with his own experience.

Why we love RDBMS

  • ACID compliant
  • Standard, Expressive and Powerful SQL.

Why the hate?

  •  Challenges with data replication and multi node setup resulting in expensive infrastructure.
  •  Application object and db data type mismatch. Tools like ActiveRecord and Hibernate plays a major part in overcoming this but has their own pitfalls.

NoSQL movement

  • Inspired by two papers on Google Big Table and Amazon DynamoDB
  • Gain traction with the developers unlike failures like Object databases in the past.

Some important facts to remember

  • CAP theorem
  • Quorum-based voting techniques

NoSQL types

  •  Key Store
  • Document oriented database
  • Column oriented DBMS 
  • Graph databases

Each of the type was discussed on the following terms:

  • Introduction and key feature
  • When to use
  • When not to use
  • Sample code

I'll put some more details on each of these data types in the upcoming posts.

Some key TIL:

  • CQL closely mirrors SQL in its syntax.
  • Redis stands for REmote DIctionary Server.
  • Mongo is a strip-off from the word - humongous

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