Thursday, September 4, 2008


It all started one fine day when the market was growing after the dot-com bust and I received a letter from Infosys, a IT major in India. The funny thing once I completed my selection test, I got infected with chicken-pox. I was full-day at bed but had a nice time since World Cup cricket was live on TV. Once I got partially cured, whooommmm.... there's a selection mail in my Inbox. The posting was in Pune far from Chennai where I'm based. Imagine the plight of staying away from home when you just got cured but passed the bait to your mother and sister.
But it was a fun ride from there and so were the days in Chennai. Not to forget the life at PERF2, where I started off playing with VSS, but ended up with my name tag in most of the java classes. Struts, Weblogic, Oracle, JSF, Spring were some of the milestones in this journey. Hope to pass across some more on the way.

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