Friday, September 5, 2008

Sun and RIA

JavaFX is being actively developed and once completed, it'll be a good bet in the RIA market. Per their direction, it is not recommended for developing commercial applications at this time as the contents of the JavaFX platform are subject to change, based on internal development schedules and customer feedback. One more thing that's making this curious is the new JavaFX script which is claimed to be superior to JavaScript and ActionScript. To keep a tab on the latest developments in this area, please add this to your favorites - I really wanted to try my hand on this; lets see if we get some time for the same. One more interesting link for the same:

Happy learning...


Robin said...

I hope it gives flash and actionscript and flex .. etc run for their money.
Been wanting to have something in java that does all the wonders of flash.
i'd come across this before. guess it was presented in one of the javaOnes.

Sudhin Chandy V said...

Yes, it was first announced by Sun Microsystems at the JavaOne Worldwide Java Developer conference in May 2007.